Wacky Wednesday: What if…

One of the topics I talk about on Wacky Wednesdays are what if games.  What if games are a boon to many writers.  Writers use the game to form story ideas, such as what if we lived in a world with dragons.  The game can also be used for other aspects such as character development or possible plot twists.  Unfortally this wonderful game can be a bane to the friends and family of the writer who are dragged into playing.

 I thought I would start with a what if question that helps me learn more about the person answering it.  What if you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life?  What would you pick?  Anyone from my family could tell you what I would pick, mustard.  I had a little bit of meat, bread or fries with my mustard.  Heck, I loved hot mustard so much I could it eat it plain, the hotter the better.


Freaky Friday: The Lighter Side Of Horror

Sometimes you can get a little too into the darkness of vampires, monsters, werewolves and their ilk.  Sometimes you need to have someone rip of the monster’s mask and remind us that it is just a book and that book is filed in the “fiction” section.  If you find yourself in need of lightening the gloom, here is a clip that may cheer you up.

Wacky Wednesday: Ninja Squirrels

First you hear the rustling of leaves as the ninja squirrel runs from one tree to the next following you as you walk your dog.  When the dog finally notices it, the squirrel climbs down towards the dog instead of away.  The squirrel sits just one inch away from the reach of the dog.  After pulling your dog away, the squirrel is more than willing to say goodbye wagging its bushy tail and taunting them with their chatter. Squirrels seem to make taunting dogs a sport.

My poor dog seems to run into these ninja squirrel every time I take her on a walk.  You have to wonder if the squirrels do it on purpose.

Have you ever had another animal tease your pet?  Have you ever had your pet catch another animal?

Wacky Wednesday: Part Dog Part Human

I have a dog that is part German Shepherd and part Border Collie.  She is an adorable dog that is my inspiration for Rosie a dog in my book, the Puzzle Keeper.  It is never a good idea to share pets’ names on the web since people use them as security questions so for that reason I will refer to her as Rosie.

Rosie acts more like a human than a dog.  She sleeps with a pillow.  She refuses to walk on wet grass, and spends her time with humans instead of dogs at the dog park.  She’s even smart enough that she learned how to use her nose to press the power button on my computer to turn it off.  It’s funny now, but the last time she did it I was almost finished writing a paper for school.

There is one way that she tries to act like a dog.  She likes to try to chase animals.  She once cornered a cat.  I was surprised since she has really bad arthritis and doesn’t run far or fast.  Lucky for the cat, she knew to chase it but not what to do when she caught it.  She just stood there wagging her tail.

Recently she has a new target.  In the backyard, she would smell the ground and pick something up with her teeth.  When we gets inside she would drop something black on the floor.  When I went to pick it up it moved.  It was a huge spider.  Rosie looks at the spider and than at me all to pleased with herself.  She would then strut into the kitchen to wait for a treat.  Rosie has done this several times in the last few weeks.  The funny part is that if there is a spider in the house she runs away from it and hides, yet she’s the one braining them in.