Freaky Friday: Ghost Hunting From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

As we get closer to Halloween, the urge for a good ghost story grows.  What better way to fulfill that need than to watch Ghost Hunters.    Ghost hunter is creepy because the show not only tries to find the paranormal but to also debunk paranormal stories.  Because of their intention to debunk paranormal activities if that is what their investigation shows, it makes what they find more credible.  After watching their show, I can’t help but want to try it out.   For people interested in trying ghost hunting this show can help show you ways to investigate a site.  For people too scared to go on a ghost hunt, this show gives you an opportunity to be a part of it from the safety of your own living room.

I found a video on you tube that shows a few pieces of evidence collected from Ghost Hunters.


Wacky Wednesday: What if…

One of the topics I talk about on Wacky Wednesdays are what if games.  What if games are a boon to many writers.  Writers use the game to form story ideas, such as what if we lived in a world with dragons.  The game can also be used for other aspects such as character development or possible plot twists.  Unfortally this wonderful game can be a bane to the friends and family of the writer who are dragged into playing.

 I thought I would start with a what if question that helps me learn more about the person answering it.  What if you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life?  What would you pick?  Anyone from my family could tell you what I would pick, mustard.  I had a little bit of meat, bread or fries with my mustard.  Heck, I loved hot mustard so much I could it eat it plain, the hotter the better.

Freaky Friday: The Lighter Side Of Horror

Sometimes you can get a little too into the darkness of vampires, monsters, werewolves and their ilk.  Sometimes you need to have someone rip of the monster’s mask and remind us that it is just a book and that book is filed in the “fiction” section.  If you find yourself in need of lightening the gloom, here is a clip that may cheer you up.

Murder, Mayhem and Madness Monday: Celebrity Nightmares Decoded

Dreams are a frequent topic in psychology.  It’s half science, half mystery.

Science can measure dream length, what part of the brain is active during dreams and what causes a person to stay in REM sleep longer.   Research supports that dreams are one way we process our memories of the day.

The mystery is the symbols in our dreams that give us hints to what our subconscious is thinking.  Not to mention the fact that many of us have similar dreams.  For example many people experience dreams about falling, flying, and being naked in front of people.

Celebrity Nightmares Decoded

How do we decide what the symbols mean in our dream?  The TV show: Celebrity Nightmares Decoded tries to explain the symbols of dreams.  The host, Lauren Lawrence.  hears nightmares from celebrities  and tries to decode the symbols and the age they had the dream to figure out what their mind was trying to tell them.

Now I have to admit I was reluctant to watch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love dreams and I think that it is a way your brain tries to tell you something that you haven’t put together yet consciously.   However, the idea of using a book of universal symbols to make sense of a dream just didn’t feel right.   I can see how many symbols would be true but what about taking into account that everyone has a different value or view of the universal symbols.

For Example

  • What about phobias?   A baby bunny could be cute and represent innocence to some. What about the child  who developed a fear of them after watching the killer rabbit from Monty Python?
  • What about the fact that time changes our view of symbols?
  • What about our ever changing society and technology?  People didn’t dream about computers a century ago.
  • What about the differences we have due to culture, religion or family

After all my doubts, I was pleasantly surprised with the show.  Lauren Lawrence seem to use dream symbols, psychology and some psychic powers or intuition to decode the dreams.  I was really surprised at how well she read the dreams.

The show also included some universal symbols in our dreams and their general meaning.


Dreaming of being naked in public

Most people think it’s due to being embarrassed like walking into class naked.

Lauren Lawrence contradicts that view.  She pointed out that most people dream that no one sees them when they are naked.  Her view is that people want others to notice them.

What to look for:  Whereever you are during the dream is where you feel invisible and unnoticed by other.


Clowns can make us feel happy or scared.

Lauren Lawrence believes that in dreams clowns represent powerlessness and not being taken seriously by others.

What to look for: Whereever you are during the dream is where you feel powerless

Further Information

Lauren Lawrence writes an article on decoding nightmares that people email her.  The best part is that you can email your nightmares to her and she’ll decode them.  Find more information at the bottom of her article.

A Special Thank You To All My Blogging Buddies

Living in a large city, most of our interactions have become ritualized.  I did an experiment suggested by one of my professors.  Over a few weeks I alternated my response to “hi, how are you?”  With some people, I said “fine” and with others I said, “I just had the worst weekend ever”.  Both sets of people responded exactly the same way, they said the equivalent of, “oh good” and walked on.  So it was a pleasurable surprise to find that all of my blogging buddies, actually listened to what I had said and had positive wishes and suggestions for a quick recovery.  I haven’t experienced such a sense of community since leaving my small central New York town.  Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to into this community.  If you ever need a friend or are in need or a fellow blogger, I highly recommend everyone on my circle of friends.

I found a touching performance that shows the benefits of love and community.

Tag i’m It! My Top Ten List.

I have been tagged by one my favorite blogging friends, Angela Orlowski-Peart , to play a blogging game.  In this game I write a post about 10 intresting things about myself and then tag four other bloggers to do the same.  I was lucky enough to find five fabulous bloggers to play the game with me: @LolaSharp @FESewell @IsisRushdan @Tiger_Gray @Robin_Weeks  All the bloggers are part of the  Writer’s Platform-Building Campaign.

Megan’s top ten list


When I was four my mother took me on the Matterhorn roller coaster at Disneyland.  I didn’t know at the time that my mother had a fear of heights.  It didn’t take long for her to start screaming.  When the ride went outside the mountain or around corners she would scream, “we’re going to die.  Look how far we are up.  Oh god I can feel it, we’re tipping.”  It may not surprise you but it wasn’t until my teens that I was really able to enjoy roller coasters again.


I go to Disneyland once a year.


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I loved watching spooky movies and wearing whatever costume my mother made that year. However, I didn’t like candy.  I can still remember how happy my brother and mother were when I came home with my pillow sack full of candy.


I have bought the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Collected from American Folklore by Alvin Schwartz three times as a kid.  I loved the spooky stories in it but there was one story about a killer hiding in the attic.  My room had the access panel for our attic and I would become convinced that the sounds I heard from there were a killer just waiting for me to go to sleep.  After a few days of not sleeping, my mom would figure out what the problem was and make me get rid of the book.


Every watch I have owned dies within a few days or at most three weeks.


I have been telling and writing stories since I could talk.  When I would catch my mother not listening, I would start telling her wilder and wilder story twists.  You know, “And then they took my classmate out into the woods and shot him.” Or “The squirreled came down from the chandelier and demanded nuts.”

I’m currently in the same teaching credential program that my grandfather attended.


As a child, I refused to eat square pizza because it I swore it tasted different than the round pizza.  I don’t think so anymore but my family still teases me about being a picker eater so I still insist it taste different.


When I was a kid I caught a rapid badger in my cousin’s basement.  I don’t know why but they wouldn’t let me keep it as a pet or hug it.


I love to bake cupcakes.  My two favorite cupcakes are Oreo and pound cake.

Freaky Friday: Transforming True Blood: Season 4 Episode 8

Differences Between the Book and Show

Season 4 Episode 8


Antonia in Marnie’s body.

True blood

  • Antonia is upset that her spell only killed one vampire


  • Antonia doesn’t force vampires to kill people for her
  • Antonia is not a character in the book the current season is based on, Dead to the World.
  • This plot line doesn’t happen in the books.

 True Blood

  • Antonia casts a spell on Eric that makes him be under her control.


  • This doesn’t happen in the book the current season is based on.


Bill Compton

True Blood

  • Bill goes to the scene where a local vampire had walked into the sun due to the witches spell.
  • Bill talks on the news to try and explain the death as a suicide.
  • Bill blames the suicide on the new anti vampire movement.


  • Vampires don’t die from being forced to walk into the sun by a coven of witches in the book this season is based on, Dead to the World.
  • Bill doesn’t go on the news to limit bad press for the vampires in the book this season is based on, Dead to the World.

 True Blood

  • Bill apologies and tries to ask for peace with Antonia.
  • Bill arranges a meeting with Antonia.
  • Bill meets Antonia in the graveyard. They both bring backup.
  • At the meeting Bill offers peace and a promise not to harm her coven if she takes off the spell she cast on vampires.


  • Bill does join the fight against the witches but he isn’t the leader.
  • None of this happens in the book the season is based on.


Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse

True Blood

  • Sookie lets Eric drink her blood to help him heal from being bound with silver chains.
  • Sookie holds silver in her hand to make sure Eric doesn’t kill her when he is drinking her blood.


  • Sookie does let Eric drink from her, but not because he was bound by silver.
  • Eric can control himself when he drinks blood.

True Blood

  • Sookie and Eric take a shower together and somehow are transported to a place in the middle of a forest with snow and a bed.


  • Sookie and Eric do have a very passionate love scene in her shower and then bed.  However, it is just a bed in her house.

True Blood

  • Eric begs Sookie to run away with him.
  • Eric doesn’t want to side with Bill during his fight with the witches.
  • Eric and Sookie tell Bill they will fight on his side.


  • Sookie is the one that knows that after they fight the witches she might not find Eric so loving and that she might lose him.
  • Eric doesn’t want to run away from the fight.

True Blood

  • Sookie is seriously injuried during the fight with the witches.  Eric and Bill try to come to her aid but are attacked by different witches.
  • It is Alcide that recues her, with a jealous Debbie watching.


  • This does not happen in the book the current season is based on.

Jessica Hamby and Hoyt Fortenberry

True Blood

  • Jesicca has a dream where she:
    • tells Hoyt she wants to move out of their home.
    • Jessica breaks up with Hoyt.
    • Jessica kills Hoyt


  • So far Jessica is not a character in the book.
  • Vampire blood doesn’t make either the vampire or the human have erotic dreams of the vampire that gave the blood.

True Blood

  • Jessica does break up with Hoyt.
  • Hoyt accuses her of cheating on him.
  • It’s a painful breakup.


  • So far Jessica is not a character in the books.
  • So far this story line doesn’t happen in the books.


Jessica Hamby and Jason Stackhouse

True blood

  • Jason saves Jessica from walking into the sun.
  • Jessica kills the guard when under the spell that makes the vampires walk into the sun.
  • Jason puts silver chains over Jessica’s body to make sure she doesn’t escape again.


  • Jason doesn’t save any vampire from walking into the sun.
  • A spell that forces vampires to walk into the sun is not a plot line in the books.

True blood

  • Jessica goes to Jason’s house after breaking up with Hoyt.
  • Jessica confesses her feelings for Jason.
  • Jason kicks her out of his home by rescinding her invitation.


  • So far Jessica is not in the books.
  • So far this is not a plot for Jason in the books.

Lafayette Reynolds  

True blood

  • Layfette has a vision of the memory of the ghost woman that follows baby Mikey.
  • The ghost had an affair with a married white man during a time when people didn’t accept interatial dating.
  • Layfette  is possessed by the woman.
  • After being possessed he walks over to the Bellefleur’s mansion and walks in and steals Mikey and the doll.


  • Layefette or the ghost woman was not part of the book the current season is based on.



True blood

  • Marcus, the packmaster of Shreveport, tells his pack that they are going to stay out of the war between the vampires and the witches.


  • The packmaster of Shreveport is, Colonel Flood.
  • The pack sides with the vampires and Sookie during the battle with the witches.

True blood

  • Marcus walks in on Sam having dinner with his ex wife Luna and his daughter.
  • Marcus doesn’t like Sam dating Luna or playing with his daughter.


  • So far the books haven’t said who Luna is or was dating or if she has children.

Mikey Bellefleur

True Blood

  • Mikey’s parents are still concerned for his safety.
  • Mikey is still followed around by the young aferican American woman that only he and Layfette can see.


  • Mikey and the ghost are not part of the books so far.

Pam de Beaufort

True blood

  • Pam attacks Tara during the fight with the witches, but Bill stops her from killing Tara.


  • Pam does kill wtiches during the fight but Tara isn’t one of them.
  • Bill can’t stop Pam from doing anything since he isn’t king in the books.

Tommy Mickens  

True blood

  • Tommy steals clothing and clothing accessories from Mrs. Fortenberry
  • Tommy shifts into the body of Mrs. Fortenberry to make a deal to sell her land for money.
  • He takes the deal and gets money from the man wanting his land.


  • Tommy is not in the story.
  • So far this is not a story line in the books.
  • There are no skin walkers in the book the season is based on.

Sam Merlotte and Luna

True blood

  • Sam apologies for Tommy who tricked Luna into having sex with her by shifting into the form of Sam.
  • Sam tells Luna that he kicked Tommy out of his life.


  • Tommy is not a character in the book so this doesn’t happen
  • This does not happen in the book, Dead to the World.
  • Sam has a good relationship with his siblings.



I would love to hear how you feel about the changes.  Are there any changes the show made that you wished happened in the book?  Are there any changes you hated?


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