Murder, Mayhem and Madness Monday: When is smoking around children criminal?

When is smoking around children criminal?

Sixty years ago there were only a few who would see it as criminal.  You could find parents smoking around their babies and even pregnant women smoked.

Smoking laws seem to limit smokers to fewer and fewer smoking areas.  People’s overall view of smokers in public places outside and inside seem  to be against the smoker.  However, I was walking across campus today and was surprised to hear people argue about their right to smoke near class buildings.

I’m fine with smokers smoking in areas that are away from buildings and pathways.  Though if it was up to me they would all be smoking in small boxes far away from everyone else.

Making smoking around children illegal is a personal issue.  My mother has asthma and had constant lung infections growing up due to my grandmother’s smoking.  When she was born she was much smaller than normal.   I worked in a preschool a long time ago and I saw a couple of infants that came in with clothes reeking of tobacco and they were all very sick.  I mean having surgery because of severe ear and lung infections.

Today, I saw a group of students smoking in front of the daycare/child development building at my local college.  This wasn’t the first time.  I took a few classes at another college that did the same thing.  We took pictures and tried to make them stop but they wouldn’t move even though pregnant women and babies had to walk past them to get into the daycare.

I feel this is criminal.  What do you think?  When is smoking criminal around children?  If a child passes you on the sidewalk?  If you smoke near a library entrance or school?  If you smoke in the car with a toddler?