Freaky Friday: Ghost Hunting From The Comfort Of Your Living Room

As we get closer to Halloween, the urge for a good ghost story grows.  What better way to fulfill that need than to watch Ghost Hunters.    Ghost hunter is creepy because the show not only tries to find the paranormal but to also debunk paranormal stories.  Because of their intention to debunk paranormal activities if that is what their investigation shows, it makes what they find more credible.  After watching their show, I can’t help but want to try it out.   For people interested in trying ghost hunting this show can help show you ways to investigate a site.  For people too scared to go on a ghost hunt, this show gives you an opportunity to be a part of it from the safety of your own living room.

I found a video on you tube that shows a few pieces of evidence collected from Ghost Hunters.


The Puzzle Keeper by Megan Nafke

I’m so excited that my first novel was published on Kindle yesterday!


The announcement that the plague has left some survivors with paranormal side-effects, has left the world reeling.  You’d think solving murders would be easy for Claire, a telepath, and Colin, who can turn into a spirit wolf, but you’d be dead wrong.  Not everyone is willing to talk to Survivors so it is a good thing you can’t tell who’s normal and who isn’t.