Murder, Mayhem and Madness Monday: The First Person Charged With A DUI

This week marks the 114th  anniversary  of the first drunk driving arrest.  The man arrested was a 25-year-old man named George Smith who worked as a cab driver in London.  On September 10, 1897 he crashed his cab while severally intoxicated.  He didn’t just hit a parked car or a tree, instead he drove right into a side of a building.   I guess if you are going down in the history books for being the first to be arrested for a crime you better do it right.  Smith took responsibility for his actions and pled guilty.  He was fined only 25 shillings.

While I love learning about crime “firsts” I’m not sure the Smith’s family wanted to be associated with such an anniversary.   Crimes that are solved are a matter of public record, but should they be or does it cause too much pain for the relatives of the guilty?