A Special Thank You To All My Blogging Buddies

Living in a large city, most of our interactions have become ritualized.  I did an experiment suggested by one of my professors.  Over a few weeks I alternated my response to “hi, how are you?”  With some people, I said “fine” and with others I said, “I just had the worst weekend ever”.  Both sets of people responded exactly the same way, they said the equivalent of, “oh good” and walked on.  So it was a pleasurable surprise to find that all of my blogging buddies, actually listened to what I had said and had positive wishes and suggestions for a quick recovery.  I haven’t experienced such a sense of community since leaving my small central New York town.  Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to into this community.  If you ever need a friend or are in need or a fellow blogger, I highly recommend everyone on my circle of friends.

I found a touching performance that shows the benefits of love and community.