What if your dog ate all the food you prepared for Thanksgiving dinner?


I hope everyone has had a happy Thanksgiving and a successful Black Friday shopping spree.  It’s amazing to me that I have family dinners all year round with family, yet the dinners during the holidays just feel different.  It feels magical.  It feels comfortable.  I know what we will eat on thanksgiving.  I know what family stories will be brought up as we eat dinner.  I know the minute I walk in I will be hugged and the house will smell of cinnamon.  This year we did something different, we had fried turkey.  It was the best turkey dinner I have ever had at Thanksgiving.  However, it got me thinking about how we crave the traditions of our holidays.  What would we do if we could no longer have any of the traditional holiday foods?  What if your dog ate all of Thanksgiving dinner?  What would you eat instead?


The Case Of The Missing Blogger

You might have wondered where I have been.  I wish it was an exciting story like I won the lottery or was off raising tigers.  As some of you know I had an injury that affected my ability to type.  I was supposed to rest my neck and arm until I finished physical therapy, but I kept reinjuring it.  It’s hard not using your hands/neck when you’re in the masters program for a teaching credential.   Who knew there would be so much paper work?  Lucky for me I could still click with the mouse and read other people’s blog.  I got addicted to face book games and reading other people’s posts.  I became what my family calls a lurker.

I finally discovered a solution to my problem, when I was watching TV.  That’s right I learned something from TV even more amazing in a commercial.  It was a commercial for Dagon Naturally speaking, software that allows you to speak instead of type to produce written documents.  I had used it years ago, but it took hours of training the software before you could start writing.  I gave it a shot.  It worked on the first try.   Now I’m pain free and sleeping well for the first time in months.  More importantly, I have a way to blog!

I recommend the software for anyone with hand injuries or who just wants a break from typing.  It’s given me my voice back.  I’m able to keep writing my novel, blog and more importantly reconnect with friends.

A special thanks to all my blogging friends.  Even though I stopped writing, I still kept up with your blogs and messages.  Reading your blogs gave me something to look forward to everyday.  I have had nothing but support and love from my fellow bloggers and for that I will always be grateful.  As a blogger, I wonder if my blog is helping anyone on posts that no one really responds to.  I now know that even if people aren’t responding (as I wasn’t) it doesn’t mean that you aren’t making a difference

Murder, Mayhem and Madness Monday: Celebrity Nightmares Decoded

Dreams are a frequent topic in psychology.  It’s half science, half mystery.

Science can measure dream length, what part of the brain is active during dreams and what causes a person to stay in REM sleep longer.   Research supports that dreams are one way we process our memories of the day.

The mystery is the symbols in our dreams that give us hints to what our subconscious is thinking.  Not to mention the fact that many of us have similar dreams.  For example many people experience dreams about falling, flying, and being naked in front of people.

Celebrity Nightmares Decoded

How do we decide what the symbols mean in our dream?  The TV show: Celebrity Nightmares Decoded tries to explain the symbols of dreams.  The host, Lauren Lawrence.  hears nightmares from celebrities  and tries to decode the symbols and the age they had the dream to figure out what their mind was trying to tell them.

Now I have to admit I was reluctant to watch.  Don’t get me wrong, I love dreams and I think that it is a way your brain tries to tell you something that you haven’t put together yet consciously.   However, the idea of using a book of universal symbols to make sense of a dream just didn’t feel right.   I can see how many symbols would be true but what about taking into account that everyone has a different value or view of the universal symbols.

For Example

  • What about phobias?   A baby bunny could be cute and represent innocence to some. What about the child  who developed a fear of them after watching the killer rabbit from Monty Python?
  • What about the fact that time changes our view of symbols?
  • What about our ever changing society and technology?  People didn’t dream about computers a century ago.
  • What about the differences we have due to culture, religion or family

After all my doubts, I was pleasantly surprised with the show.  Lauren Lawrence seem to use dream symbols, psychology and some psychic powers or intuition to decode the dreams.  I was really surprised at how well she read the dreams.

The show also included some universal symbols in our dreams and their general meaning.


Dreaming of being naked in public

Most people think it’s due to being embarrassed like walking into class naked.

Lauren Lawrence contradicts that view.  She pointed out that most people dream that no one sees them when they are naked.  Her view is that people want others to notice them.

What to look for:  Whereever you are during the dream is where you feel invisible and unnoticed by other.


Clowns can make us feel happy or scared.

Lauren Lawrence believes that in dreams clowns represent powerlessness and not being taken seriously by others.

What to look for: Whereever you are during the dream is where you feel powerless

Further Information

Lauren Lawrence writes an article on decoding nightmares that people email her.  The best part is that you can email your nightmares to her and she’ll decode them.  Find more information at the bottom of her article.

A Special Thank You To All My Blogging Buddies

Living in a large city, most of our interactions have become ritualized.  I did an experiment suggested by one of my professors.  Over a few weeks I alternated my response to “hi, how are you?”  With some people, I said “fine” and with others I said, “I just had the worst weekend ever”.  Both sets of people responded exactly the same way, they said the equivalent of, “oh good” and walked on.  So it was a pleasurable surprise to find that all of my blogging buddies, actually listened to what I had said and had positive wishes and suggestions for a quick recovery.  I haven’t experienced such a sense of community since leaving my small central New York town.  Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to into this community.  If you ever need a friend or are in need or a fellow blogger, I highly recommend everyone on my circle of friends.

I found a touching performance that shows the benefits of love and community.

Sorry to have missed you

My deepest apologies for not posting or responding since Tuesday.  I’m sure many of you know that I am accident prone.  I was finally getting over an injury to my right arm so I was finally able to do more but then I was walking my dog and as I bent down, she spotted a puppy she just had to meet and lunged in that direction.  My back and shoulder have been in non-working condition ever since.  I’ll be up to typing again next week.  My mom is typing this post for me.

Wacky Wednesday: Teasing the Talking Dog

Have you ever had the suspicion that your dog knew what you were saying?  I definitely  think my dog can understand me when I talk about food.   She’s a couch potato most of the day.   The only time I see her run and jump is when she hears the word food.  She gets that pouting face like I’m starving her while I eat my dinner.  A friend sent me a link of a funny clip of a human teasing a talking dog.

Does your pets respond to any words?  Does your pet make you feel guilty when you eat dinner?


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