Wacky Wednesday: Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny!

 Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny!

One of the most memorable wacky cartoon duos is Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.  It was 71 years ago today that they first appeared in a short film, A Wild Hare. Who can forget the dim witted Elmer Fudd who loves to hunt “wabbits”.  In fact I still hear people quote Elmer Fudd, “Be vewy vewy quiet I’m hunting wabbits.”  Elmer wouldn’t be as funny without the wacky, clever Bugs Bunny who outsmarts him every time.  After 71 years Bugs Bunny is still hilarious and for many a childhood icon.  I hope he sticks around for another 71 years.

Does anyone still have favorite cartoon characters from their childhood?

A Wild Hare



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