Using Operant Conditioning on Loved Ones

Using Operant Conditioning to modifying behaviors in family members

I love the show, The Big Bang Theory.  I was going through some of the show’s clips on YouTube and found one that just brought me back to my psychology classes. One of my most memorable times while working on my psychology degree was my behavioral learning class.  Our professor showed and encouraged us to use operant conditioning to modify the behaviors of our family members.  I did use it to modify several behaviors.  I did ask anyone I did this on if it was ok, but I didn’t tell them how or what behavior I was trying to change.  It’s simple and very effective.  On my mother it was going to the pool to exercise more frequently and bringing dishes to the kitchen.

I would love to hear your thoughts

Have you ever used operant  conditioning?

Would you like to learn?

Did you like the clip?


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