This day in history: Dart Man arrested July 11, 1990

Dart man or misunderstood cupid?

I can still remember the old cartoons with cupid shooting arrows into character’s butts to make them fall in love.  Cupid was cute and cuddly.  For some reason the women of New York City did not find it cute when it was a 33-year-old man shooting darts at their rear ends.  Maybe if he wore a diaper and a set of wings?

Jerome Wright AKA Dart Man, shot darts at more than 50 women’s butts in New York City, between June 28, and July 1990.   His normal target was young light skinned women wearing business suits.  Frightened New York City women tried to prevent being his target by dressing in casual attire.

Jerome Wright was arrested on suspicion of being Dart Man on July 11.  He was officially charged for the crimes on July 12, 1990.

He had some conflicting evidence against him. 

  • Only four out of 10 victims could identify him in a line up. 
  • During a few of the attacks he was at work. 
  • He was only charged for two of the attacks because there wasn’t enough evidence on the other attacks. 

In August, 1990, Dart Man had his felonies charges dropped to misdemeanors.

News articles about Dart Man

“New Force in Fashion: ‘Dart Man’”

“Felony Charges Are Reduced In Dart Case”

“Nassau Cops Hunt A New Dart Man”

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Did Jerome Wright commit the crime?

Did the punishment fit the crime?


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